Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Garden And Shopping Therapy


   I went shopping with Julia when we were travelling up and down from North Yorkshire. We stopped at Deans Garden Centre in Stockton On The Forest. I found another Da Vinci home and garden statue named David. I thought to balance the half undressed Lady Id get a classical posed male statue. It is smaller than the Lady. The lady statue was based on a sculpture from 1860. This male is from Michelangelo's large statue now in Florence.
 I googled the original and was amazed at the detail in the carving. Mine is a facsimile.. but fits in well with the white and green border.
 I also bought a metal French Chicken with a solar light in its body. I liked the decorative scroll work. The chicken (or Wonky as we call them after Julias Sisters Chicken) can join the ever growing menagerie.
I also bought a darker coloured Rattan Pig to join the grey one I bought it before. I move the Pigs around the garden so Julia does not know where they will be next. Now renamed Pinky (red) and Perky (grey) they add the fun to the garden.
 In Brighouse on Saturday I wanted something for the Scarecrows head but ended up buying some patriotic Union Jack flags. I love the colours and the movement as they flap in the wind.
 Another purchase at Deans was this Suncatcher. The kitchen window has a collection of five stained glass effect objects. An Indian tealight holder, a Butterfly, the blue Gloucester cathedral stained glass transfer, and the Ecuadorean Suncatcher from Helmsley.
 The sun passes from the left hand side of the garden to behind the trees on the right. The kitchen window receives lots of sunlight.
 The garden tonight before I watered it. It all looks lush and colourful. It is my therapy after the stresses of work and life. walking around it looking at all the plants, flowers. Making a garden is an investment in time and patience. I keep buying new additions to add more layers on the garden. Shopping is also therapeutic for me as you might be able to tell with the new garden additions.
 I bought some mini Scarecrows as well to plant all around the garden. I like the whimsical and the classical to make it fun to look at.
The last picture shows the white and green border. There is another blog post about the Rose. My Dads Buddha looks out next to the two classical statues.
 As I write this the air outside is still. The Petunias and Nemesia smell sweet and fragrance the air. The birds are singing its the end of the hottest day of the year. The food will be topped up and the garden left to grow in the cooler night.

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