Thursday, 2 July 2015

Herbs And Plants

 I got an email about a Herb Walk and Workshop in Knoll Gardens in Dorset. Rachel Heathcote is a traditional herbalist who uses common herbs and flowers for natural remedies. Knoll garden is a four acre garden attached to a nursery specialising in ornamental grasses. If I was not working Id love to go on the 18th July 2015.
 I started to look around the garden to see what Herbs I  had growing. The first is the traditional garden Mint.
 Great with baby new potatoes and to make a mint sauce to go with lamb.
 The next pic shows the newly planted pots of Parsley Titan. I have grown these from seeds in the staging in the kitchen. still growing but not pictured are Basil seedlings. They have taken forever to grow and the majority have died. Im hopeful that if I can get the seedlings to grow the garden is hot and dry and perfect for a Mediterranean herb.
 Growing in a pot in the garden when I moved here was this gnarly old lavender. I trimmed it and have been nursing it back to health. Lavender is great for sleeping, make little sachets to go under your pillow.
 A good surprise plant that was growing in the garden was this white Borage. The Bees love it. Blue Borage flowers are good in icecubes for summer drinks. The white Borage plant has gone into the white and green border.
The last pic is of my French Marigold, beautiful colour and strong scent. In India they make garlands with these flowers and use them for offerings. I also have Lovage growing in a pot on the patio which I bought from Duncombe Park Country Fair.
  In the distant past before medicine people used herbs, plants, flowers, and roots for traditional remedies. over time we have lost the art of using garden plants in this way.
 The Monasteries and Nunneries used to grow herbs for medicine and for food. The Apothecary used the plants and herbs grown in the monastery garden.
 The Knoll Gardens link is :

   The walk and workshop runs from 1030am to 1 pm, and tickets cost £35 including taking home remedies from the workshop. Rachels website address is with details of tickets there.
 A garden can be beautiful and functional too for growing herbs and flowers.

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